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Today's Jennifer post.... Today, I am gonna hopefully write this out as it was spoken to me for many hours last night from Gabriel, The Arch Angel. If you are in a relationship.. Then please take note.. Words are power, they can and will cause a heart to bleed, they can and will destroy the grace and love that once flowed between two people. Until we as a human race learn that Love is the answer, not control, not manipulation, not want, not lies, not blame and deceptions. We forget a relationship is based upon two people. there is no longer an I, and it becomes a We. Before one let's their words become detrimental, destructive, and critically wounding, step back go for a walk, breath the beauty of love back into your heart, remember the magic that brought you together, so that your words come forth to build not destroy, to Ignite not to damage. Stand in the We and not the I. Blaming, the other or them blaming you is a sign that this person is your mirror. Build upon the insights that the beautiful mirror is projecting so that healing can occur and the balance of the We can be once again, well as Gabriel puts it an orchestra of purity and oneness. . THAT'S IT.. That was all I had to say.. Thanks for participating. . Enjoy the beauty of this spirit filled day...Namaste


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