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Message From Gabriel

Good Morning Everybody. Today's message.. be kind, be loving, be the leader you're meant to be. I had asked Gabriel about the world last night and he chuckled. He said... Little One... your governments have the power to manipulate and control your planets minds. He said.. everyone looks for another to teach them, help them, lead them. Your beautiful planet should look at whats happened in your past 100 years. And ask themselves are we ready to go backwards?. He says there is a movement sweeping across your planet to where people are aligning to the DIVINE will. Spirituality has swept into other countries on a mass level and your government's are losing control of the masses. We ask that each of you tap into your truth. This truth that lies within and know that we, your Angels and God have an interest in whats happening on your planet and we are getting ready to expose some things that are not being spoken at this time.. Trust dear ones as you are about to witness a divine awakening. Your place with us, each of you is important for whats to come. Stay in your center. Find music and memories that you hold dear and listen to this as the coming days will bare truth for your beautiful planet and all its inhabitants. Adante'

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