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6/27/2016 "I had the pleasure of a reading with Jennifer in Las Vegas. She was amazing! Jennifer was able to pin point things that were going on in my life and was able to let me know of activities that were happening without my knowledge. She was "right"!!!! everything she told me was right on. Her kindness, compassion and understanding of Universal laws were greatly appreciated. Jennifer is very kind and loving and it shows in her work". Janet F. ----
 5/25/2016 " This was my first time visiting the Center For The New Age. chatting with Jennifer was simply amazing. Her kindheart and warming soul made me feel so much at ease. My life was a mess at the time and I truly needed some direction. She was able to help ground me and point me to the the right path. She gave me hope and a sense of direction that I will eternally be grateful for. Your connection with spirit spoke to me in ways I have never known. Thank you Jennifer for your positive guidance and uplifting spirit." Kristin K

6/25/2016 "Jennifer will open your mind to the reality and presence of Angels in your midst. again this is a person who is affirming and kind, yet Gives forthright advise on the basis of reading cards. She was able to tell me about everything going on in my personal and business life without me uttering a word. No nonsense here... Elizabeth G

5/28/2016 "Some people are just naturally gifted to do great things. Jennifer is one of them, I have no reason to go anywhere else. Ever. Do yourself a favor and connect with someone who understands source energy!!! That's Jennifer."
Charles C

    8/18/2016 "Jennifer Is one of the most accurate and amazing intuitives I have ever met. It's so obvious she genuinely cares about people and what she does. Her connection to her own abilities is without question, she nailed several events that came up for me within days, and i am truly we had the opportunity to come to know her even a little. You will not regret visiting with her if you ever get the chance. Lance M

7/01/2016 "I was lucky enough to get to meet with her on her two day trip to Las Vegas. I'm so glad I did. My session was absolutely fantastic. She is wonderfully gifted. You can tell there is a connection through her. Thank you so much."
Stephanie A

5/28/2016 "I recently had the opportunity to meet one on one with Jennifer. Our meeting was great! Jennifer is a bright and beautiful spirit. The Lord has used her to assist in my liberation from old hurts and wounds from loved ones who have passed on. In freedom, I can be who the living God has called me to be. Jennifer has a legitimate gift and she is not toying with mind games and parlor tricks on the vulnerable. I look forward to our friendship and our work in Christ Jesus together! Sheila G

5/28/2016 "The Center For The New Age is an amazing place with many highly gifted and talented psychics! My reading with Jennifer was life-changing! In fact, the best I've ever had. If you're looking for a psychic reading that is accurate and from a very gifted reader, I sincerely recommend you scheduling a reading with Jennifer." Aumora B

2/14/2017 "Jennifer was amazing!! I have recommended her to other friends!!! Thank you for all you do and your special talent." Carrie W

2/13/2017 " I went to Sedona, AZ, in Decemeber 2016, with my family to do the fun, touristy things: go to the Grand Canyon, Pink Jeep Tours, hike the spectacular rock formations and feel the energies of vortexes, etc. it was all fantastic. I also wanted to see a "psychic" for the fun of it but could not because I ran out of time. I came back home and thought, "Well, let me do a phone reading since talking to a psychic had been on my to do list for Arizona. "I happened to find Jennifer. I do not know how. I just did. And I planned a half hour call without expectations. Well, I actually expected her to be a flop and for me to waste my money. Jennifer blew me away. The first thing she told me "you either came into Or are coming into money very soon". (Just an hour before, a friend who I had loaned a good sum of money to about 10 years ago that I never thought I'd never see again, had come to the house and paid me back!!!). Unbelievable! She hit it right on the nail. But, of course I did not tell her she was correct. Then she went into my career and told me how I am not going to be doing anything that I was doing
In the past and that I am shifting into another direction. She went into detail about that. All of this was true. She gave me future predictions, which I am looking forward to. She also gave me a lot of helpful advise about life. She is a great counselor/therapist/advisor. All of this without me even asking her a question. She was so good that I called her back a week later for additional questions that I had. I gave her contact to all my friends because she is that good. Sona B 

1/14/2017 " I saw Jennifer at The Center for The New Age in Sedona, AZ. She has a great spirit and is very welcoming!! I took my sister for a reading as well.... It's amazing how spot on she is with life experiences, and the sense of relief you feel afterwards.... She's definitely a blessing to this world". 
Tommie G.

12/13/2016 "I have had the pleasure of getting a few readings from Jennifer this past year. I consider her a friend of mine, more thank just a spiritual reader. Her guidance has helped me greatly these past couple of months. Everything has been spot on and she is always straightforward. She is such a genuine and caring person. I have referred many of my friends to her. She is pretty much amazing". Dee C

12/01/2016 "I've met with Jennifer a few times, and I appreciate the guidance. Sometimes I need a little comforting "you're going in the right direction", and sometimes I need a reality check, "stop, don't keep
Doing this! She is very compassionate through her readings, and she is such a positive influence. I went originally to seek closure for losing a loved one, but what I got was so much more. She set me up for success, and she helps me to stay within the "lanes" of life. She also met with my grandmother who is 82 and a half. It was a wonderful visit, and it brought great peace to my grandma, who now feels purpose, and hopefulness. If you're looking for an answer. Jennifer is wonderful at helping find it. I call her my psychic-friend-apist". A

11/28/2016 "What a calming relaxing experience I had with Jennifer at The Center For The new Age.
I can't wait to come back. Jennifer's insight has enlightened me and I'm very grateful to have found her". Robin P

11/28/2016 "I recently moved to Sedona and Jennifer was one of the first people I happened to meet here, I decided to do a reading with her at The Center For The New Age and left that day with an overwhelming feeling of warmth and an understanding of myself that I needed to be reminded of. Jennifer has a true gift and is a healer to all who come her way". Cody C

11/28/2016 "Jennifer has been an awesome advisor!!!! Kathy M

11/27/2016 "Meeting up with Jennifer is like meeting up with a good friend who is able to provide you with insight and direction in your life. She's truly caring and personable, tells you as it is and not want you want to hear. Sheimon T

11/27/2016 " Jennifer is an amazing psychic and healer. She is immensely tapped into our healing angels and spirit guides. I feel incredibly blessed to have connected with her. Jeanine M

11/27/2016 "Jennifer is amazing!! She tells it like it is and that's what I loved about her. She makes you feel comfortable like a friend of hers and not like she's just providing a service for you. I would definitely recommend seeing her!!! The things she told me in my reading really made me put my life into perspective and I plan to do another reading with her in the near future". Anna B

11/10/2016 "I went to Sedona for Answers. I got them. Jennifer put me on the path to receive and understand those answers. She is great!!! Linda E

11/2/2016 "I am a nurse, healer from the Boston area and had the great fortune of having a spiritual psychic reading with Jennifer at The Center For The New age in Sedona this past week. Jennifer is a pure channel of light, the messages and guidance she brought forth from spirit was inspiring and life-changing. I hope in the future to consult with Jennifer on a regular basis, assisting me on my spiritual path, as I know it will be extremely beneficial!!! I have already told many of my friends about Jennifer and encourage others if you're looking for a spiritual psychic reading that will leave you truly inspired, reach out to Jennifer
I am so very grateful to Jennifer and Spirit for guiding me to her. Love and light". Nancy C

11/2/2016 "I has a reading with Jennifer at The Center for The New Age in November and was so impressed that I drove my whole family up to see her that weekend!! She is so warm and. Arming which is genuine. She has been spot on with all of us in her readings. It's already November again and I'm planning a trip next week Gain to see her. I highly recommend her!! Such a blessing!! Nina R

11/1/2016 "I've had the pleasure of having Jennifer Parker to do some psychic readings a few times for me over the last year. I found her to be very insightful. She's a warm, caring and a charming person who takes a personal interest in everyone she makes contact with. Her psychic insights have helped me navigate through some very emotionally difficult times and she has a wisdom and understanding of life that adds to the clarity of her readings..She's always taken a personal and caring interest in my well being and I have always felt like I am speaking with a good friend that happens to be blessed psychically... I now consider her my friend as well as a valued psychic advisor. Highly recommend".... Ramon A

10/25/2016 "Jennifer was so great and told me exactly what I've been needing to hear. I can't believe how accurate she was, so helpful and insightful. I would recommend her to anyone. Her energy is so welcoming and she made me feel so comfortable to the point where I completely trusted everything she said. I will never forget this reading and I am so excited to hopefully see her in the future". Laurel S

10/25/2016 "Jennifer's reading helped me so much and she was very specific. She was nice, welcoming and I felt a strong connection with me and my friends. Everything she said to me was on point. I would highly recommend". Megan K.

10/25/2016 "Meeting with Jennifer has been the best experience. I didn't even tell her my name and she knew my situation and why I called her. She was sewer and kind and did not sugarcoat anything. My two friends and I called to get a reading and we were not expecting how amazing and helpful it would be. I now know my path and so do my two friends. She was so specific and accurate with everything that she said. If you have the opportunity to get a reading, choose Jennifer, do not pass her up!! Best and most helpful experience I've ever had". Emiliana E.

10/29/2016 "I have had the pleasure of having a couple readings with Jennifer and feel blessed to have met her. She she'd some light on the correct steps I need to take in order to move forward in some situations and offered me the peace of mind I have been seeking for quite some time now. She will sit with you and guide you until you feel all your questions have been answered and she is sweet and patient. I have already sent a handful of friends her way-highly recommend you speak to her if you need guidance".
Diana F.

8/25/2016 "My first reading with Jennifer Parker was amazing and I didn't even know how good at the time. I have been to many mediums and psychics in my life so I know what to do/say and not to do/say to see if we connect. When I left Jens reading, I had no idea of how good she was until two months later things happened that I didn't believe and and had no control over. She was so specific and everything she said I ignored, and I wish I hadn't :) She is very positive and straight forward. If you ever have a reading and are worried about wasting money, I promise she is worth the money. And if you've had readings before, you know the value of a good reading, she is worth the money. she is a good one". Jennifer M

8/22/2016 "Amazing, loving.......accurate... Great personality, professional and private. I am happy I was connected with Jennifer. *****Great service. Puravida Bakery Bistro

8/20/2016 "Jen was kind, compassionTe and right on the money. Her guidance continues to resonate in my life. I wish she were closer but I can always get her by phone which makes me very happy. Thank you Jen". Francie Dougherty

8/19/2016 "My conversation with Jennifer was extremely helpful. Her ability to respond to my psychological needs were extraordinary". Suzanne Hales

08/18/2016 "Jennifer is a beautiful loving and incredible person who did a wonderful healing for us. She is very connected and grounded in the gifts she offers". Peymaneh R

All of my reviews can be verified by google or Yelp searching..

Gabriel's Corner Psychic Readings, Sedona Psychic Wellness Center
Center For the New Age--- Trip Advisor

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