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Hi I am Jennifer. I want to help others align to their fullest potential. I strive for a balance in all things and will use my own wisdom at times when guiding others. We have all experienced many lessons and teachings and I will utilize some of  my teachings and lessons to assist you in whatever you are going through. It's a great time upon this beautiful planet, a time of aligning, opening and releasing whats no longer serving you. I am a Certified Life Coach, an NLP Practioner and Reiki Master. During your session with me you will uncover the blocks that are holding you back in your personal and business relationships offering you a new way of viewing your life. If you have relationship issues, business issues and/or life issues; we (the Master's, Archangel's and I) can and will help you to master your life. My reviews have been given with the purest of heart from my clients.  The process for my readings are it's all about you. I trust the Archangel's and Master's and I know that working closely with them is my lifelong mission. 

"Readings are based on you and what you're in need of. I do readings by Phone , Face-time or Zoom. I read for many different countries, so when booking please take into account the time differences. In the comment section type  Phone, Face-time or Zoom for your reading.  30 minutes prior to your session I will contact you and give you the instructions for your reading. Please NOTE...  I do not usually talk to clients prior to the reading. You are always welcome to text me on my cell phone as well to schedule."

If you are curious about your life path, what's it all about, what can you do to align with the divine, understanding your energy and aligning yourself with the wisdom of the Elders. If you're just wanting to experience your first psychic reading, then I am the person for you. If you have suffered an enormous loss, child, parent, friend or spouse. Come sit a while with me. I understand the depth of that loss and will help you through it. 

Life Coaching Sessions: Working through blocks, limited beliefs, and whats holding you back. Being coached about life circumstances and situations is the best way in order to clear your path, take a new direction, release whats holding you hostage or back and aligning you to being the most beautiful reflection of your authentic self. 

If you are feeling lost, or have relationship issues that you cannot work through I can help. I believe that each of us has the ability to truly love and that sometimes the issues that arise during our relationships are not necessarily something from the present but perhaps something from your childhood or past that is causing the break in your ability to truly love. Call me,  I can help you to be the very best version of you. Even when you don't see it.   Namaste'


Master Psychic Jennifer Parker

The information provided on this site and in any reports, emails, ebooks, or other materials  you might receive from me are for entertainment purposes only. Obviously we cannot guarantee any information  it's practioner gives and we
are NOT responsible for how you interpret or apply it. If you are struggling with serious problems,including chronic illness, mental instability, or legal issues, please contact a registered health care provider or lawyer as soon as possible. In other words please use common sense and your free will. Thank you

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