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INNER CHILD... Awe, now here's an awesome topic for discussion. Have you ever noticed when you are talking to someone and all of a sudden you get angry? Or you're talking to someone and you feel a sudden sensation of resentment or guilt?? Well guess what??? The inner child has a beautiful way of showing us all that's within us that needs to be healed. Signs your inner child needs love. 1. You shout off. You don't listen you react to everything that's said 2. You throw temper tantrums.. you're not being fair... you're not letting me speak. You're crowding my space. 3. You feel a deep sense of resentment. It's all someone else fault that you're in the space you are.. 4. Guilt... would of, should of, could of... 5. Insecurities, lack of self, jealousy, All of the above are indicators for inner child trauma. You know we all have gone through trials, trauma, and loss. It's a part of life's greatest teachings. How we react to these situations is what truly aligns the child to the adult. It's a great time for self healing and to the merging of all that is. To be your true authentic self a discovery has to happen and that Discovery is awaiting you to turn inward..


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