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The Circus Elephant.

Has anyone ever shared with you how the circus gets their elephants? I want to share a blog about limited beliefs and how they occur. The story begins an older circus elephant was coming to the end of its service as a major performer in the circus. The owner of the circus contacted people in Africa, went and found a baby elephant whose parents had been slaughtered. The owner brought the baby elephant to the circus, there he placed a shackle around it's back leg and hammered a stake into the ground. He then placed a thick rope around it's neck. The baby elephant tried and tried for months to free himself, to no avail, feeling no further strength, he surrendered. No matter how big the elephant got he never tried to run, or to break free. He performed every show as instructed and every night he would again be placed into the shackles and the rope. 

I'm sharing this because my life coach shared this story while teaching us to become facilitators for growth and change. So....Do you ever feel like that baby elephant? Do you ever feel like you haven't got the strength to go on?? Does that voice in your head come forth and tell you that you can't do something, or that you're not worthy? These are what we call limited beliefs. They can through practice become new empowered triggers to help you MASTER your life. 

I am Jennifer, I am a psychic, Reiki healer and soon to be a Life Coach certified, NLP certified and a hypnotist. All three combined can help you to break free. To release your shackles and chains. Contact me today, together we will work to help you break free and be all you can be.

It all starts with you.. 

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